The Model RZ-100 and RZ-200 Router Raizer kits currently fit the following routers.

Stay tuned as we will be evaluating other routers as we find time. Let us know if you have 

one you think it will fit but is not listed. We will try to get hold of one to take a look at. 

For a quick photo of the router/routers please click on the underlined brand name 

or model number. The underlined links in the kit model numbers will take you to the 

dealer page for each model.

MODEL RZ-100 KIT    

  • (USA)

  • (Canadian Dealers                                                           

  • (Australian Dealers)

  • (European Dealers)


      Craftsman 27505, 27506, 27510, 27511

      Dewalt 625

      Dewalt DW621  New!

      Elu 3337, 3338, 3339 

      Freud FT2000, FT2000E

      Hitachi M12V, TR12

    M12VC (combination kit)   New!

    M12V2   New!


      Makita 3612BR, 3612B, 3612C

      Porter Cable 693, 6931 base, 7538, 7539, 7529, 8529

      The Porter Cable 693 and 6931 plunge bases come in 2 different styles and 

      can be identified by clicking on the following links

       PC 693/6931 Base Photos


      Ryobi RE-500 New!

       Ryobi RE-600


    MODEL RZ-200 KIT    


     Fein RT1800  New!

     Bosch 1619     New!

     Bosch 1617/1618 Plunge Base   INCLUDED IN PK KIT   New!

     Makita RP/RF  1101 Plunge Base  INCLUDED IN PK  KIT  New!

     MLCS Marvel 60/Axminster

     Triton Trc 001 New!




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