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   The Patented Router Raizer is the newest way of adjusting plunge routers. Unlike other products it does not require a special table insert or re-machining your table to fit that insert. You can use any standard table or insert from 3/16 to 1/2" thickness from any source and all the parts that come with the kit will fit and function perfectly. 

    The Router Raizer is actually installed into the router replacing the existing height adjustment system and becoming part of the router itself.  This means it works just as well handheld as it does in the table. It also allows those of you with only one router to easily move from task to task.   

    When using the router in a table a small manhole (dust plug) is installed in the table insert to keep dust and debris out of the drive coupler in the bottom of the router. For convenience a small magnet has been placed in the side of the wrench for removing and installing the manhole cover. This makes it quick and easy to gain access for adjustments but still keeps the dust out. 

    The speed wrench in the kit works like the speed wrench that comes with socket sets and allows you to adjust the depth of the bit quickly. The wrench includes a spinner handle that is easy on the hands. 

    The same wrench works in both the top and bottom drive couplers so there is no need for extra tools.

Router Technologies is proud to introduce the Xtreme Xtension Professional router bit extension. This new extension works in any 1/2" router collet, allowing installation or removal of router bits from above your router table
without the cumbersome wrenches and locking of the spindle usually required.

Change router bits quickly from above the table

Single Tool Changes, no need to lock your spindle

Run 1/8" dia through 3 1/2" dia cutters

The additional 1 1/4" length and 1" deep bore provide complete support of all 1/2" and 1/4" shank bits used with any thickness table or insert plate.


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